Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Wellness Wednesday 10-19-16

Happy Wellness Wednesday and thank you for your commitment to a culture of wellness.

Remember to check on a regular basis. 

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Biometric Screenings 2016
Information and frequently asked questions

Click for Quick Start Guide and Registration Link:   Registration Link               QSG 2016

Calendar Schedule of screening locations:                          Locations
This is for viewing only – must schedule online.

Registration & HWA timeline:     September 19 – October 29, 2016
Screening timeline:                         October 1 – October 29, 2016
Health Coach Call:                            After Screening – November 30, 2016

All 4 steps – Registration, Health & Well-being Assessment, Screening and Health Coach Call MUST be completed by November 30, 2016.

After Steps 1, 2 and 3 are completed, you will receive an email to prompt you to call the Health Coach.  Please provide an email that you will check often.  The employee must make this call to receive their wellness incentive.

You must be fasting (no food or drink, except water) for 10 hours prior to screening.

You must have screening done each year to maintain your wellness incentive.

You can upload labs that were drawn after July 1, 2016. See Step 2.

All benefit eligible full time and permanent part-time employees can participate.  All Hanover employees with Hanover’s Health insurance through Anthem will receive the wellness incentive with the completed process. Others can enjoy the benefit of a free screening and access to the USPM website as a great resource and programs to engage in your health.
There will be flu shots given at each on-site location and at the clinic during your screening for your convenience.  PLEASE bring a copy of your insurance card for processing – no charge to employees.

Also, go to My Community My Resources and complete a 5 minute Online Assessment to determine your risk for Diabetes.  This may qualify you for a program with the YMCA. 

Tip of the week:
Avoid negative environments.  Although not always possible, work to avoid negative environments.  Negativity is contagious! Draw yourself nearer to people who are supportive and positive.  You can eliminate drama by not engaging in judgmental conversations. Do you speak negatively about anyone. (This alone is extremely powerful.)  Blaming others inwardly or outwardly only de-energizes us.  Notice your thought patterns today. Are they of acceptance or of judgment?






Vendor Spotlight


Dance Fitness Connection’s 2016 Class offerings - Sign up a class at your school or department!
See Flyer - DFC 2016 Fall Schedule

Weight Watchers – Meeting at LMS started Monday 10/10/16 at 4pm – Join us or sign up at a Weight Watcher center. $60 reimbursement incentive applies to attendance on 10 of 12 meetings. 
Contact me at for information.

YOGA at MES, KCES, and CMS – contact if you are interested in details.

Click here for an updated vendor list:  Vendor List

Click here for our Incentive Reimbursement Program:  Incentive Information

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US Preventative Medicine Monthly Challenge:
The focus of this challenge is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and runs from Oct. 3rd to Oct. 31st
Sign on to: for more information.  Register or continue to platform if you have an account.
Find the challenge under “My Health”.

Check out My Daily Dose on the platform.  Here is today’s:
Drink your coffee black. Sweeteners and nondairy whiteners can lead to inflammation and heart disease. If you drink more than a cup of coffee a day and don't like it black you may be adding far too much extra sugar and fat to your diet. Flavored syrups, nondairy creamers, half-and-half and sugar take away the health benefits of coffee and tack on a serious number of empty calories that could be padding your waistline and inflaming your arteries. Even low-fat nondairy creamers are made mostly from corn syrup and trans fat. For your health, we recommend drinking your coffee black, or with unsweetened milk alternatives, such as almond or oat milk.

Healthy Recipes from SkinnyTaste…..Recipes and meal plans

Wellness Newsletters from our business partners:
From Emma Moyer - 20 Minute Meal Prep Video:
Meal Prepping Video   
Dinners Made Easy   
Mason Jar Salads
NEW From Emma Moyer - Come Support Local Hands                   Support Them Bones!
New:  October News from Bon Secours Workforce Wellness
American Heart Association: Healthy Living

Are you a First Year Employee:  Click here to see what the YMCA has to offer: YMCA Summer Offer

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Community News:

Oak Knoll Middle School 5K and Kids Fun Run – October 29, 2016 @ 10:00am.  Contact Shelli Stepp or 804-365-4746.

Beaverdam Youth League Cornhole and Family Fun Day
Click here for details: Beaverdam Youth League

Information from our providers:

Are you expecting?  Contact Anthem and enroll in this FREE program: Future Moms
Provides moms-to-be with telephone access to nurses to discuss pregnancy-related concerns. This program provides the education and tools to help track the pregnancy and prepare for the baby, including breastfeeding support through LiveHealth Online.

Anthem has a 24/7 NurseLine.  Contact Anthem for more information.
Provides anytime, toll-free access to nurses for answers to general health questions and guidance with health concerns. Callers can also access confidential, recorded messages about hundreds of health topics

Optima Health:

Optima Health – Employee Assistant Program
Available to all full and part-time Hanover Employees and their dependents. 1-800-899-8174
If you have any questions, please contact the Benefits Department in Human Resources

Are you aware that ALL FULL TIME AND PERMANENT PART TIME HANOVER COUNTY EMPLOYEES, DEPENDANTS AND ANY INDIVIDUAL LIVING IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD are eligible for Optima Health benefits?  And...You are all eligible for FIVE visits per issue, not per year.Look for the Webinar Series and Training, Development and General Wellness Courses available.  Check out the Work/Life Link.  You will find information on parenting, aging, balancing, thriving, working, living and international information.  This flyer may help you navigate the site:  Work/Life Flyer

FREE for all employees…..Staying healthy can be easy and free with 7 different programs and support items from Optima Health and Sentara.  My Life My Plan offers:
Healthy Heart • Yoga DVD • Guided Mediation DVD • Eating for Life • Tobacco Cessation •
WalkAbout with Health Edge • Tai Chi DVD

Simply call the toll free number and request one program or all of them – Call 1-800-736-8272.  See flyer for details: My Life My Plan

 From Optima:  Thought of the Week
November Webinar: Making and Breaking Traditions

Additional Resources:

Virginia Navigator – Senior Navigator and disAbility Navigator is a statewide non-profit service offering free health and community support information and guidance to older adults, family caregivers, and health care professionals – supporting independence, dignity, and quality of life.  All information can be found at 

 Quit for a Day. Quit for Good! Thursday, November 17th is Virginia Quit Day 

7 out of 10 tobacco users want to quit. Are you or someone you know 1 of the 7? The thing is-- quitting tobacco is a tough thing to do. However, you are stronger and can do it!
Quit for a Day. Quit for Good! Thursday, November 17th is Virginia Quit Day, which is the same day as the Great American Smokeout. Join hundreds of people across the state in quitting tobacco for the day. Very few people successfully quit cold turkey. With the right support, you can do it AND you can use this date as your quit date to quit for good! Call 1-800-QUIT NOW to talk to a Quit Coach and talk to your physician about using FDA approved Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRT). When you get behavioral support, like the 1-800- QUIT NOW Quit Coaches, paired with NRT, you are more than 4 times as likely to quit for good.
If November 17th comes and goes… don’t give up. Choose your own quit day! Perhaps it is Thanksgiving, your birthday, New Year’s Day, or International Monkey Day (Seriously. It’s a thing. December 14th, if you are interested). Choose the day. Write it on your calendar. Call the 1-800-QUIT NOW quitline and set yourself up for success.

When you’ve made it through the day without using tobacco (because you WILL), take a moment to reflect on all that you have done:

Health Benefits that start within the first 24 hours of quitting (DONE! CHECK!):

ü 20 Mins: Your heart rate and blood pressure decreased! 

ü  12 hours: Carbon monoxide and oxygen levels in blood returned to normal

ü  24 hours: Chance of heart attack decreased

Amazing! Can you breathe better just thinking about this? Keep it up and in a year, the likelihood of a heart attack is cut in half to that of a smoker and in 10 years, you are half as likely to die from lung cancer and your risk of cancer of the larynx and pancreas decreases.
Financial Savings of quitting:

ü  If you smoke a pack a day, on average you saved $4.78 today! (Woo-hoo! Keep it up and in one year you can save $1,716 and in ten years you would have saved $17,160!)

Don’t use tobacco but know someone who does? You can call 1-800-QUIT NOW for tips, too, on how to support your friends and family! Offer to go for a walk during the times they typically use tobacco. Before the quit date, cut up fresh veggies and bag up healthy snacks for them to munch on. Add yourself to their cell phone “favorites” for a quick distraction.

Tobacco is still the leading cause of death and disease, but it doesn’t have to be. You and your loved ones can get the support you need to choose healthier alternatives to using tobacco. So, let’s do this: Quit for a Day! Quit for Good! Call 1-800-QUIT NOW (1-800-784-8669) for support.


Elisa Allen, RN, Wellness Coordinator

Hanover County Government, Jail, Library, and Schools