Monday, December 5, 2016

From The Good Health Clinic

Thank you for understanding that we are in the midst of the holiday season.  We will be closed December 26 (Monday) and January 2 (Monday) at both Hanover and St. Mary’s Good Health Clinics.  We will be closing the Hanover clinic only 2 hours early on December 24 (Saturday) and December 31 (Saturday).  Our hours will be 8am to 12pm. 

One final change in the Hanover clinic schedule is December 16, we will be closed for 1 hour between the hours of 12:30 and 1:30 for our all staff holiday gathering.


Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas 

Overcoming Back Pain

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Retreats with Annettte

Come warm-up this week with a workout! 

The schedule for this week is:

Wednesday Dec 7th 10:30AM - YogiBarre This 75-minute class will combine Basic Barre techniques, Pilates, and Yoga postures to create a unique and balanced class for cardio, toning, flexibility, and strengthening. Great for all levels. No experience required! You stay within your individual challenge. This is a non heated class!

Wednesday Dec 7th 5:30PM - Hot Pilates - This 60-minute HOT class combines Pilates principles with High Intensive Interval Training and is performed in a heated room.  This intense, full body workout is designed to strengthen muscles, burn calories and boost your metabolism.  It is a great complement to your regular fitness routine whether you enjoy running, weight lifting, aerobic classes, cross fit or yoga.

Wednesday Dec 7th 7PM - Pilates and Yoga. (non heated class) This 60-minute beginner class blends Pilates and Yoga together for an amazing workout. Pilates exercises develop a strong "core," or center of the body. Yoga increases flexibility, muscle tone and strength. By popular demand, we will be adding some Barre work too!

Thursday, Dec 8th 5:30PM - Warm Yin Yoga. This WARM (86 degrees) 60 minute class is great for stretching your muscles. Yin yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga with poses, or asanas, that are held for longer periods of time—2 to 5 minutes per pose. This is a quiet and simple practice to calm the mind and stretch the body.

Thursday Dec 8th 7:00PM - HOT YOGA IS BACK! This 90-minute hot yoga class is perfect for beginners or those with an advanced practice.  Your body becomes more flexible in the heat which allows you to get into a pose that you never imagined you can do.  It also reduces the risk of injuries, promotes sweating and helps you release toxins in your body.

Friday Dec 9th 10:30AM - YogiBarre This 75-minute class will combine Basic Barre techniques, Pilates, and Yoga postures to create a unique and balanced class for cardio, toning, flexibility, and strengthening. Great for all levels. No experience required! You stay within your individual challenge.  This is a non heated class!

Remember to register! We limit the class size so make sure you register either online or by contacting me via email, text or phone call!

$10 for your first class!
$15 drop in or you can purchase a package 10 for $120
*Packages expire in 120 days*

If you would like to add a pop up class you only need 4 people. This means that you can add any class type you desire with just 4 confirmed people on your own schedule (date and time)

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

US Preventive Medicine - December monthly challenge!

Wellness Wednesday

Happy Wellness Wednesday and thank you for your commitment to a culture of wellness.
Remember to check on a regular basis. 

County employees: if you are having trouble opening a link, go to

Tip of the Week

Yoga and tai chi are two ways to keep your joints flexible and your muscles strong.  It’s important to keep your joints flexible so you can tie your shoes or zip up your dress.  More importantly, it can help prevent falls.  Try it! You just might like it.







FREE for all employees…..Staying healthy can be easy and free with 7 different programs and support items from Optima Health and Sentara.  My Life My Plan offers:
Healthy Heart • Yoga DVD • Guided Mediation DVD • Eating for Life • Tobacco Cessation •
WalkAbout with Health Edge • Tai Chi DVD

Simply call the toll free number and request one program or all of them – Call 1-800-736-8272.  See flyer for details: My Life My Plan


Vendor Spotlight

NEW VENDOR:  I had the pleasure of meeting with Rob Brummel-owner and personal trainer of Big Guns.  Rob is ACSM Certified.  Rob works with you individually on training and conditioning, as well as nutritional information. He has an incredible facility, located just off Rt. 301.  Rob practices what he preaches and has many years of experience. If you are looking for one on one personal training, check out his website and give him a call.  Rob is offering Hanover County employees 25% off his rates!  I am starting my own training with Rob next week!!  Check Big Guns out at or call Rob at 804-212-5349

            Testimony – I went to meet with Rob and worked with him twice this week.  His facility is fabulous.  Rob is a great motivator and pushed me harder than I thought I could go.  Yes – I am sore, but very proud of my accomplishes this week.  Give Rob a call.  He is looking forward to working with Hanover regardless of your level of fitness!  Elisa Allen, RN

Monument 10K registration is just around the corner - CLICK HERE FOR THE PROMOCODE AND DETAILS

NEW VENDOR:  Bon Secours Sports Performance Center – located at Memorial Regional in the Ortho VA building.  They offer Physiological Testing, World Class Training, Fitness Programs, Nutritional Programs and Massage Therapy.  Hanover employees can take advantage of a 10% discount. Also, incentives reimbursements may apply with attendance requirements met. Check them out at or click on flyers below.

Special Offering from Bon Secours:


American Family Fitness – Hanover Open House   

Enjoy this exercise video from AMFAM      Floor Bridges - Great for your lower back!    

Holiday Savings from Healing Connections - CLICK HERE

Weight Watchers – Meeting at LMS started Monday 10/10/16 at 4pm – Join us or sign up at a Weight Watcher center. $60 reimbursement incentive applies to attendance on 10 of 12 meetings. 
Contact me at for information.
YOGA at MES, KCES, HCES, and CMS – contact if you are interested in details

Visit the US Preventive Medicine website@ December 1st for a new monthly challenge under “My Health

Under “My Education” you can find videos, the “Daily Dose”, learning programs and more to increase your Preventive Score!

Download over 100 different wearable devices and track you steps while improving your Preventive Score.

Click here for an updated vendor list:  Vendor List

Click here for our Incentive Reimbursement Program:
Incentive Information

 County employees: if you are having trouble opening a link, go to


Healthy Recipes from SkinnyTaste…..Recipes and meal plans

Wellness Newsletters from our business partners:

From Emma Moyer - 20 Minute Meal Prep Video:

Are you a First Year Employee:  Click here to see what the YMCA has to offer: YMCA Summer Offer

County employees: if you are having trouble opening a link, go to

Information from our providers:

Time well spent from Anthem:
Are you expecting?  Contact Anthem and enroll in this FREE program: Future Moms
Provides moms-to-be with telephone access to nurses to discuss pregnancy-related concerns. This program provides the education and tools to help track the pregnancy and prepare for the baby, including breastfeeding support through LiveHealth Online.

Anthem has a 24/7 NurseLine.  Contact Anthem for more information.
Provides anytime, toll-free access to nurses for answers to general health questions and guidance with health concerns. Callers can also access confidential, recorded messages about hundreds of health topics


Optima Health:
Optima Health – Employee Assistant Program
Available to all full and part-time Hanover Employees and their dependents. 1-800-899-8174
If you have any questions, please contact the Benefits Department in Human Resources

Are you aware that ALL FULL TIME AND PERMANENT PART TIME HANOVER COUNTY EMPLOYEES, DEPENDANTS AND ANY INDIVIDUAL LIVING IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD are eligible for Optima Health benefits?  And...You are all eligible for FIVE visits per issue, not per year.Look for the Webinar Series and Training, Development and General Wellness Courses available.  Check out the Work/Life Link.  You will find information on parenting, aging, balancing, thriving, working, living and international information.  This flyer may help you navigate the site:  Work/Life Flyer

From Optima:  Thought of Week       Online Seminar Series:  Forever Young: Mind, Body & Spirit

Additional Resources:

Virginia Navigator – Senior Navigator and disAbility Navigator is a statewide non-profit service offering free health and community support information and guidance to older adults, family caregivers, and health care professionals – supporting independence, dignity, and quality of life.  All information can be found at 



Elisa Allen, RN, Wellness Coordinator

Hanover County Government, Jail, Library, and Schools